As our backend progressively evolves, we also need to keep an eye on the development of our interface, as we will have to implement it in the not-too-distant future. For the integration of the interface, we are going to use a very useful tool and used amongst the community of frontend developers; Angular. 

Angular is a JavaScript development framework created by Google. The purpose of Angular is to facilitate the development of SPA web applications (Single Page Application) and also give us tools to work with the elements of a website in a much easier, optimized and intuitive way.

We are interested in making our project in the SPA format, since the navigation between sections and pages of the application as well as the loading of data is done dynamically, almost instantaneously, asynchronously making calls to the server (backend with an API REST) and most importantly, without refreshing the website at any time.

Here we leave you a formative course of Angular that covers several sections of the software:


We are a web development group currently working on the hearmee application.


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