Last weekend, the first Cienciathon was held in the Parque Cientifico of the University of Alicante. An event in collaboration with the association of Multitec in which the different companies that make up the scientific park encouraged the students of the university to present both scientific and technological projects.


Official poster of the Cienciathon

Official poster of the Cienciathon

This event consisted of bringing together students from all branches of science, during 3 days of intense work, where they had to present a project in front of several companies. They rewarded the best projects with more than € 1000 of prizes in different categories.

Within the different projects that were presented, we can find a wide variety of ideas, from chewing gums that inform you about the contamination of a city to a series of sensors distributed in a city that inform about a series of data such as air density or levels of pollution, all about science applied to sustainability. From data to social awareness.

Great success with more than 20 participants
Cienciathon Assistants

Cienciathon Assistants

We can say that this first Cienciathon in the Parque Cientifico has been a success. Bringing together students from different disciplines, the majority did not know each other before presenting themselves and creating a series of such original projects.

Thanks to the help of the mentors of the different companies, who supported and refined the ideas of the different groups and the wonderful collaboration of the multitec association, who were at all times attending the event in the organization and in the complex task of Create and refine an idea in just 3 days.

Finally we hope that these types of events continue to be promoted, which allow students in the field of science to experience what it means to promote original and daring ideas, with the support of companies and an economic prize at the end.


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