Wednesday 20th is the day of delivery of Iteration 5 of the ABP HearMee project that we are carrying out the Mee6 group.

Firstly, we had set out to learn how to handle the different applications that we will use to develop the project later, as well as develop the application’s API.

Secondly we have to prepare the exhibition that we are going to make next Monday, November 25 on the law of data protection and guarantee of digital rights. In this exhibition we will participate all the members of the group.

In conclusion, we are moving forward as we expected in the project, and little by little it is taking shape.

Do not miss the next post! We will inform you about all the advances.

We leave you a link with all the ABP subjects of the Content Management itinerary.

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We are a web development group currently working on the hearmee application.


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