We are the Mee6 group composed of 6 Multimedia Engineering students from the University of Alicante, and we will explain who we are and the project we are going to develop.

We started the course being 6 people who had no group. After the first class, we were already a group of people who barely knew each other.

We have to recognize that we were going with fear, since we didn’t know how we were going to mate with each other to get the project moving forward.

First of all we had to decide the group name was one of the things that cost us the most to decide.

But we did not agree since each one had different ideas, but one of us came up with the name Mee6 and we all liked it.

Then we had to put the name of the application we were going to develop, so continuing with the name of the group and how the application is about music, HearMee emerged.

The truth is that we have joined very well with each other and we have managed to form a very hardworking and very good group, and that when developing the project shows.

The members of the ABP project group are:

  • Victor Tamará Botella
  • Jaime López Sánchez
  • Jesus Bernabeu Sáez
  • Eva Valenciano Fernández
  • Adrián Poysky Gracia
  • Leticia Moya Giménez.

You can learn a little more about each of the members in the section of Who we are on our website. There you will find our social networks.

We are currently in the development of the HearMee website, a portal dedicated to contact between musicians and event organizers that will help in speeding up the search for contracts.


We are a web development group currently working on the hearmee application.


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