Our ABP proyect

We are currently working on "Hearmee", a multiplatform application that allows you to connect musicians, groups or bands with event organizers.


Contact independent bands, groups or musicians to perform at your event or venue.


If you are a musician, find bands to play with or events in search of someone like you.

Do not complicate yourself

Chat and reach an agreement thanks to our application, we carry out all the monitoring of the process so that the result is satisfactory for both parties.

About us

We are the group "Mee6" composed of students of Multimedia Engineering of the University of Alicante. We are in full development of our ABP project "Hearmee".
Jaime López

Jaime López

Full stack Developer
imagen pato

Victor Tamará

Backend Developer
imagen adrian

Adrian Poysky

Graphic designer

"What we do in life, echoes for eternity."

Imagen leticia

Leticia Moya

Desarrollador líder
imagen yupi

Jesus Bernabeu

Frontend Developer

"Fran perea"
-whoever reads it

imagen eva

Valencian Eva


V(alor) = [C(onocimientos) + H(abilidades)] x A(ctitud)


Stay informed of the latest news about our project

Cienciathon at the Parque Cientifico

Last weekend, the first Cienciathon was held in the Parque Cientifico of the University of Alicante. An event in collaboration with the association of Multitec in which the different companies that make up the scientific Read more…

Delivery iteration 6

This Wednesday, December 4th, the group will deliver a new update, the delivery of iteration 6, one of the last before the delivery of milestone 1, which will be in January. In this iteration we Read more…

Delivery of Iteration 5 is approaching.

Wednesday 20th is the day of delivery of Iteration 5 of the ABP HearMee project that we are carrying out the Mee6 group. Firstly, we had set out to learn how to handle the different Read more…


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