Starting this month we bring you the latest news:

First of all, our database is in process, as is the creation of the API.

The server is up and running and we carry out the relevant weekly evaluations so that it won’t crash and prevent us from continuing working.

All monitoring reports, documentation (risk, costs…) have been written and studied in detail in order to make our ideas, priorities and our chosen modus operandi clear.

We continue with the creation of “Clara”, our chatbot that will solve any doubt that the user may have about the ABP product.

It will include on the web so that the user can access it at any time and answer their questions in the navigation of the HearMee application.

Insist that all this work without constant study would be impossible, so we recommend to our buddies that they should not relax and keep up to date in terms of programming languages, libraries…

You will have new advances in our post!


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We are a web development group currently working on the hearmee application.


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